Ash Scattering

Ash Scattering


An ash scattering is, for most people, the final goodbye to a loved one. We aim to help you make this day a beautiful experience for the relatives, where there may be room for both sad feelings and sharing fun, beautiful and beautiful memories with each other.
At either Halmø or Lilla Dan, we create the framework for you to say goodbye beautifully and respectfully.
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On the three-hour boat trip we can provide some food for you if you wish. We can offer a classic breakfast plate and brunch with mixed, greased buns, fresh fruit, croissants,
warm dishes and juices, just as we can offer your employees a classic ship's meal or a 3-course menu.

The food is from the fantastic SALT Restaurant,
whose dishes are based on a foundation of local ingredients.

You can view our entire seasonal menu by pressing the button below.


We can serve fine wines, bubbles, beer and water aboard.
In collaboration with SALT Restaurant, we deliver seasonal red wine, white wine, rosé and bubbles.

In addition, you can choose various soft drinks, water and beer. If you have special requests for drinks, please let us know.

You can see our full drink menu by pressing the button below.

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There are many different ways to say goodbye. Some prefer to do it silently and throw beautiful roses in the sea with the one who has left us.
Others sing a few songs or gather memories, while others say a few words.
There is room for it; we are here if you have special wishes for the memorial time.


You can sail with Lilla Dan or Halmø, but you can book both schooners for the day if the guest list is long. Both Lilla Dan and Halmø are bursting with history and beauty, so we recommend not one of the ships more for a memorial than the other. You can read more about Lilla Dan and Halmø in the "About the Ships" menu or by clicking the button below. 


Although we are the primary planners of your trip, there is some practical information that we recommend reading before the invitation is sent out. It is, e.g. information on dress code, arrival and departure.
Read more about arrival time, practical clothing and prices.




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