Practical Information



We have collected some practical information for sailing with Halmø or Lilla Dan, as well as information on booking one of our beautiful wooden ships for your next event.

Sailing with a schooner is a unique experience for many of our guests, and we will make sure that you are as well-prepared and ready for an adventurous day.

If there is practical information that you can't seem to find here on the page, or via our chat FAQ in the bottom right corner, you are more than welcome to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We prefer that drinks be ordered through us, and we have the option of delivering beer, wine, bubbles and water for your event.
If there are special requests, please contact us on

See our full menu here

We prefer that all food be ordered through us.
If you have special requests, please contact us on
We can offer delicious menus from SALT Restaurant.
You can view the entire 2023 menu here

There are several options for activities on board, including:
✔️ Swimming in the sea
✔️ Set the sails
✔️ Steer and maneuver the ship ✔️

...and many other fun activities.
We plan the day according to your wishes. Contact us here for more information.

The rent price is paid before the event. Drinks, other meals and any additional purchases are settled after the end of the cruise. 😊 Read more about rentals here

We sail in all kinds of weather - we sail according to the motto "there is no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing choices"😉.
If you have any special concerns, please contact us.

All guests are welcome 5 minutes before sailing.

At Halmø there is room for 42 guests. At Lilla Dan there is room for 40 guests.
It is possible to rent both ships for large events. Contact us here to hear more about the possibilities. You can read more about the ships here.

Yes, it is possible to see the ship before your event. Feel free to contact us here to hear more about the tour options.
You can also virtually board Halmø here and Lilla Dan here.

Yes, we have both draft beer anchors and the option of wine on board. Contact us to hear more about the selection or see our beverages and drinks menu here.

The captain plans the route for the day based on the weather. If you have specific wishes for the route, please contact us here.

We sail on selected dates from Admiral Kaj throughout the summer. You can see dates for cruises here.

We publish our timetable for the summer sailing on 31/12 each year.
You can view all the cruises for this summer here, where you can also get more information on routes, catering, accommodation etc. ⛵




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